Visiting Mt. Sinai

I will start with the conclusion – I am doing well. Yesterday I had my first in person visit at Mt. Sinai since February. It felt a little like “old home” week from the young woman who signed me in, put the plastic band on my wrist and said, “Mr. Roth, you haven’t been here for a while. You are looking good today,” to all the others I saw; my two main doctors, Dr. Keyzner who examined me, Dr. Hoffman who came out to say hello, and several nurses I conversed with. At the end of the visit, I saw Michael Cohen, who makes the appointments and told me his brother had been sick, but now has recovered. It was just a good feeling to see all of them and to know that they and their families were all well. There were a number of differences. Rhonda was not allowed to be with me during the visit. In the lobby my temperature was taken. I had to answer a few questions about possible symptoms of covid – 19. I sanitized my hands before going up to the third floor. My blood test numbers were great for me. I am still not in the normal range but so much closer than I have been in thirty years. I did have to wait a long time to see the doctor, but I have a different view of long waits than I did some years ago. I am still an impatient patient. However, I know that I have never, never felt that my time with the doctors or nurses at Mt. Sinai was ever rushed. If someone else needs the doctor’s time more than I do, that is fine. I have been in that place many times. Since I was waiting I was able to Zoom in on my phone to a meeting of a local Rabbinic group. I missed the beginning and the end of it and I am not sure if my colleagues could figure out why I was wearing a mask clearly in an indoor space that looked like a doctor’s office.

I asked Dr. Keyzner about a long list of activities and when I could resume them. Last time I spoke to her on a televisit she mentioned the need for a vaccine and an effective treatment for covid 19 before I could begin to leave my house for anything other than a walk in my neighborhood. She sounded more optimistic now. Yes, I can have a colonoscopy soon. Not that I am looking forward to it, but I am overdue. She said that it was safe to go to doctors’ offices so I can follow up on the melanoma in my eye and go to the dentist, but I might want to wait until the end of June just in case there is a second wave of infections. A haircut can wait. I am still going to be using the internet for teaching my class, Shabbat services and other meetings and classes that I will be attending. For the most part I will still be in isolation. When I asked about immunizations she checked my record and told me I had immunity to measles, mumps and rubella from Gabe’s bone marrow. All I need is the shingles vaccine in September to get me close to where I was before the transplant. I will walk in the neighborhood and not in the park to be careful. Medium rare steaks and sushi remain off the approved list. I can live with that. All in all a great report I will see Dr. Keyzner on a televisit in six weeks and don’t need to return to Mt. Sinai for three months.  I will just keep on Zooming along.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Mt. Sinai

  1. Looks like you had a productive and successful visit. Good to know the MMR immunity carried forward from your son. As I understand, the new shingles vaccine requires two shots spaced 6 mos apart. If you get the first one, hopefully the second one will be available. The Covid19 and Cov2 vaccine may be down the road.


  2. So glad you continue to get great reports from the doctors. i appreciate you posting these blogs letting us know how you are doing. may you go from strength to strength.


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